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What are we Watching: January 2017

When we moved to Washington (state) earlier this year, we decided that we would not be getting cable.  We do the majority of our TV (apart from football) watching through Netflix and Amazon Prime. Eleanor also spends time watching videos on YouTube Kids.  Here’s what we’ve been watching this month:

Me (Jen)

  • CSI: Miami:finally finished watching this. I didn’t think I was a completionist, but I was definitely hate watching this by the end. If ever Dexter Morgan wanted to start in Miami again, I’d recommend checking out Horatio Caine and the MDPD.
  • The Man in the High Castle: I watched the first season last year and was excited to see a new one pop up. This one is a lot less confusing than the first, but just as interesting. I suspect it’s departed from the original source material quite a bit at this point


  • Captain America: Civil War: he saw this in the theatre originally, but has been rewatching in sections when folding laundry or not playing video games (see below)
  • Halo Wars 2: not exactly watching, but he’s been spending considerable time playing the beta for Halo Wars 2.  This seems to be a vast improvement over the first. There’s a deck-building aspect to it that Andy enjoys. I like that it’s more visually interesting than the first.


  • Octonauts: she really loves this show and it’s surprising how much she actually learns from it.  She caught a volunteer at the Monterey Bay Aquarium off guard by knowing what a decorator crab was and that is all thanks to Octonauts.
  • Mia and Me: originally made in Europe, this is now available on Netflix. It’s the story of an orphan whose dad left her a book/game that allows her to be physically transported into the story. The land in the story (Centopia) looks like a Gustav Klimttpainting, so the whole thing is kind of trippy.


  • Trollhunters: this is a Netflix original series about a high-school kid who finds an enchanted medallion which means he’s been chosen as the next troll hunter.  It’s fun and we’ve enjoyed watching together.


So, what are you and your family watching? I’m looking for some new shows!

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