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2017 Statistics – Flight Distance

How much did I fly in 2017? A total of 22,513 miles.  It’s a combination of business and vacation.  My company is based in San Francisco, and I travel down there about once every two months.  As a family, we went to Virginia, Hawaii, and Wisconsin this year.  So, how does this break down by month?


Each colored bar represents one flight.  November was the longest distance (5,524 miles) with our trip to Hawaii.  I had the most flights (5) in December because I went to San Francisco and then to Wisconsin and back.

Some quick statistics:

  • Total distance: 22,513 miles
  • Total number of flights: 21
  • Average distance: 1,072 miles
  • Median distance: 678 miles
  • Mode distance: 678 miles (SEA -> SFO is 678 miles)
  • Shortest flight: 67 miles (MKE -> ORD)
  • Longest flight: 2,690 miles (SEA -> KOA)

Here’s a quick breakdown by airline.  If it’s not obvious, I choose Alaska whenever possible. With Seattle as a hub, there are a lot of flight choices.  They even have a direct flight to Milwaukee now!


I’m guessing that I won’t fly quite so much in 2018 with the new baby, and I can’t say that I’ll miss it too much.  How did I survive?

Paying for TSA Pre was TOTALLY worth the cost.  It makes going through security, especially with a lot of electronics, a breeze.  I don’t have to take out laptops, toiletries, or remove my shoes.  If I fly with E, I can take her through with me too.  She always calls it my ‘Fast Pass’ as though we are at Disneyland.

Good luggage!  I discovered Tom Bihn last year – a local Seattle company.  I’ve acquired quite a few of their bags now and they are the BEST.  My standard multi-day work travel bag is the Tri-Star with a Snake Charmer for cables and Packing Cubes for clothes. I can actually fit two laptops in there if I have to: my 15″ Lenovo work laptop and a 13″ MacBook Pro.  I use a Medium Cafe Bag as my everyday purse.  It’s lightweight, but I can still pack it quite full and even fit a knitting project in it. If I have a shorter trip or I don’t need my work laptop, I take a Maker’s Bag.  It’s such a great messenger bag.  It also often comes on day trips to knitting conventions or even to knit night when I bring E along.  (And though it may look like I get a referral bonus with all these recommendations, I actually don’t.  I just love their bags that much!)

Noise-canceling headphones are my last tip for frequent flying.  I sleep much better on the plane when wearing them, and they really help drown out the engine noise (and occasional crying babies).


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