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2017 Statistics – Daily Steps and Distance

I’ve been tracking my daily steps and distance for a number of years, first with FitBit products and later with an Apple Watch.  I started using the Apple Watch in 2015 (coincidentally timed with the release of the 38 mm rose gold model).  Honestly, my favorite feature of the watch is that I can use it to ping my iPhone whenever I can’t find it even if the phone is on silent.  I must use that feature at least once per day. It might also be Andy’s favorite feature because he no longer has to call me, although he and E do sometimes have to help me hunt for the phone.

Anyway….wearing an Apple Watch every day means you generate a MASSIVE amount of data in a year.  It’s all locked up somewhere in the Health app on the phone.  Huge thanks to the makers of the QS Access App, which allowed me to download that data to a CSV file and do some analysis on my own.  I could have probably made prettier graphs had I used Prism, but I’m trying to do more in R, so I chose to make them there.

First up, daily steps.  I try to aim for 5,000 steps a day and most months I was averaging at least that (dotted line).


Second, average daily distance by month.  My daily average for the year was 2.69 miles, which is the dotted line in this graph.


Of note, you can see that my daily steps and daily distance increased a lot in September, which corresponds to when E started kindergarten.  Her school is about 0.3 miles from the house, so we walk (even in the rain).  It’s meant a lot more steps on school days!

If you want the details on the R commands, you can get the RHistory here.

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