Pregnancy Update – 37 Weeks

Funny size comparisons for week 37.

Well, I’ve made it to full term!  Technically, baby girl can come any day, although she should wait until at least February 9th if she doesn’t want her name to be ‘Peggy.’  I’ve got tickets to see Hamilton on Thursday, February 8th, and I do NOT want to miss it!!

Baby was transverse during my last update, but switched to being head down immediately before my midwife appointment at 34 weeks.  She’s stayed that way consistently since then, which I definitely appreciate.  I was a little concerned that I would have to schedule a c-section.

Current pregnancy stats:

  • IMG_1488
    Sweater by Elhoffer Designs (not maternity)

    Weight change (from start of pregnancy): -10.8 lbs.  Still haven’t gained all the weight I lost in the first two trimesters from hyperemesis. That being said, I don’t recommend this as a diet plan

  • Fundal height: 35 cm  Well within normal range, although maybe an indication that this little one is smaller than her sister? I’d settle for a smaller head!
  • Average hours of sleep per day: 7.  I usually manage about 5-6 hours at night and then a 1-2 hour nap.  I’ve been SO tired the past few days.


In general, I’m just tired and over being pregnant.  I know some people love feeling the baby move and kicking, but it’s really not my favorite thing. For me, it’s weird and uncomfortable.

We’ve been doing a lot of work around the house to get ready for baby.  When we moved to California, we ended up getting rid of a lot of our baby gear, so we are working on replacing it . The nursery has pretty much everything we need.  We’ll put a changing table pad on top of the dresser.  I’m considering switching the position of the dresser and the crib.

I love the space.  It’s really cozy and calming.  Once I finalize the position of the furniture, we can put up the artwork I’ve collected.  The space might not be done before baby is born, but that’s ok. Guess we are officially second-time parents with a statement like that.  She has a bassinet in the master bedroom that we will use for the first few months.

The last few weeks can feel like months, so hopefully I don’t go too crazy before she’s here! E is really excited and can’t wait either, so it may be a long few final weeks.

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