New Year, New Blog

I’ve been planning to start a blog for the new year (so cliche, I know!); it’s a little over halfway through January, so that’s not too bad.

So…metaphorically scattered? The name came from a discussion with a friend in which I was describing the state of my brain. I feel like I’m constantly performing a juggling act in my brain. I’m a bioinformatics scientist (I tele-commute for a biotech company in South San Francisco), mother to my five-year old daughter Eleanor, a wife to my husband Andy, a sort-of runner, a knitter, and probably more things I’m forgetting. Sometimes I feel like there are pieces of me scattered everywhere! And we won’t even get started on my house, which is full of things that are actually scattered.

I previously had a blog at blogspot, but I’ve been pretty bad about updating.  Blogspot was lacking some of the features I wanted, so I decided to start over at WordPress.  Taking inspiration from my friends Bernice (who runs Stitches & Press) and Sarah (who runs Multifacted Mama), as well as Statshots at the Onion, my plan is to provide insight into my life with statistics and fun graphs.  What can I say? I love numbers and pretty visualizations.  Current projects include: my sources of caffeine for a week or month, comparing who drinks more caffeine, my progress using yarn I already own,

Bear with me as I learn the ropes here.  If you have any ideas for content, I’d love to hear them. What do you track on a daily basis?

8 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog

  1. Love it Jen! Keep it up. A great way to see clearer and to release some of the chaos in your life is through yoga! I track my daily and monthly yoga activities. If your interested I could send you a yoga box of some things to get you started. Best wishes with the blog!


    1. Thanks, Karen! I definitely need to start doing some more yoga. It really helps with flexibility and running, plus I get some “me” time. If you have anything to get started, I would definitely appreciate it!


  2. Thank you for making me feel somewhat “normal” with my multi-role life. I’m constantly shifting gears from mom of three, wife, medical sales rep, student, friend, neighbor, sister, aunt…the list goes on. I feel that my life can sometimes feel “metaphorically scattered”. It’s nice to know that others have to magically create balance. Did I mention I have to fit my workouts in this schedule? So thank you- I am looking forward to your next post.


    1. I seriously have no idea how you do it! You’re a super mom. Fitting in workouts has always been a huge challenge for me, too. Can you make Michael cook and workout during that time?


      1. Thankfully he does do most of the cooking and then I do the cleanup! So we alternate working out during those times. Your spot on!


  3. I also love numbers and pretty visualizations (we are such geeks!). I’m in the process of switching my blog over to wordpress (although not that close) because it offers so many great features, but it is definitely a lot to learn!


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